Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Luke has a New Home

This was Luke shortly after he arrived in rescue

This is Luke a few months later
We have decided to keep Luke here with us for the rest of his life, he is really settled here and it would be impossible for us to find a more perfect dog for us, so he is here to stay.

There are many homeless animals with Pawz for thought so if you are looking to rehome a cat , dog or rabbit please do take a look.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Lukes new video

click on the link and then click on the smaller photo in the album , I love this short video as when Luke first arrived he had a lot of fears and phobias, water was one of them, other dogs was another, it has taken a while for him to get there but now as you will see he really loves the water. For me this is the most rewarding part of fostering, seeing the progress that an animal makes day by day, enjoy the video

Love Linda and Luke x

Monday, 4 August 2008

Time for a little friend maybe?

It wears you out all this running about !!

Although Luke is quite happy I'm sure, getting all the attention and lazing his days away after his outings lying in the sunshine on his own, with every whim catered for, I feel it is time he had a little companion , maybe a nice older female dog . Persuading Dave however that its a good idea is another thing !!!

Luke is so much better now with other dogs and really loves to play and runs to meet them when he is out, we still have a few issues when he is on his lead, but with time I know he will improve , it isnt aggression, its just excitement because he wants to be near them.

Luke has been with us now for over 5 months, he has been in rescue for nearly 10 months, I feel his chances of getting a lovely new home will be increased if we know he can live happily with other dogs. so.... I will keep working on Dave and will keep you informed of my progress, !!!

here are more pics of Luke and one of his friends, as you can see he is now quite a water babe .

Love linda and luke x

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Luke and a friend

Out for a walk with Tyson My daughters Rottweiller

And when we came Home !